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Movie Reviews by Marcy K - Naples Florida

MOVIE REVIEW by Film Critic Marcy Kruchten
2hr. 7 min.
Rated R

This Michael Moore documentary film attempts a sweeping depiction of the differences between capitalism, democracy, elite theorism and socialism. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the fall of GM, Moore offers a confusing, at best, high school, amateurish view on how the real world works; or how it should work according to Michael Moore.

While he documents and empathizes with the plight of the working man; he seems not to understand the differences between the concepts of democracy as a political system; and capitalism as an economic system.

Moore groups people into basically two groups, Bad things happening to Good People, and Good things happening to Bad People. The first group, the Good People, include a farmer losing his farm thru no fault of his own, (other than failure to pay his mortgage), window factory workers losing their jobs with only a three day notice, no mention of why the factory closed, GM workers at a closed Flint Michigan plant, FDR and his new Bill of Rights, and Obama, his new savior, promising change with new regulations and government control.

The second group, the Bad people, include the rich, any tax cuts they have, CEO's and their undeserved bonuses, condo vultures prying on the carcasses of the poor, the FDIC, all brokers on Wall Street, small town bankers, big town bankers, large mortgage brokers, Charles Keating, Bernie Madoff, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Don Regan, George W. Bush, Goldman Saks, Merrill Lynch, Citi Group, Bank of America, and Wall Mart with their so called " Dead Peasant Insurance Policies".

Moore lumps these diverse groups and individuals together, glosses over and confuses decent capitalist risk takers with some of the most notorious criminals of the system, Keating and Madoff.

Moore, in trying to get a grip on the most recent economic collapse, tries to explain derivatives, credit default swaps, tranches, and diverse financial instruments thru the only Wall Street trader that would talk to him. With a confused look on his face and a foreign crew that speaks no English; he leaves the audience even more confused. He conveniently leaves out some of the major issues and occurrences of the day including the emergence of China and India as world powers, the world growing more competitively flat, the recent over building of the economic boom and bust and The Black Swan that was 911.

Moore has no love for the big C, Capitalism, yet, at best pretends to cringe when the big S, Socialism is mentioned. Democracy is supported with an economic system that promotes growth, creativity and supports individual freedoms. We have all seen what Socialism did to the Eastern bloc countries. Moore seems to imply that government, thru democracy, can provide security to all Americans with a womb to tomb New Bill of Rights, and apparently believes that we can support this new system simply by backing up a Brinks truck to Wall Street to collect the money Wall Street has stolen from Main Street.

Moore tries to wrap it all together with a yellow ribbon tied around the old Wall Street crime scene. Perhaps, Mr. Moore, capitalist multi-millionaire film maker, will start his next documentary with the crime scene yellow ribbon wrapped around the White House and Capital Hill.





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